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Words that melted us...

Somebody finally thought of us diabetics. Thanks to you I'm able to enjoy ice cream again.

Anita Hršak

Words that melted us...

You've made me life so much nicer. For the last couple of months I can not eat sugar, gluten or milk. I feel reborn.

Petra Keča Vidović

Words that melted us...

I did not have a better ice cream in my life. Highly recommended!

Mia Mauhar

Words that melted us...

Top quality ice cream that puts all others to shame. And best of all ... it's healthy!

Matija Kraljić

Words that melted us...

Wow! This sugar-free forest fruits ice cream is just too good! From today you have a regular customer.

Josipa Rupić

Words that melted us...

This chocolate vegan ice cream is the best one I've ever had in my life. Thank you for having vegan ice cream, finally somebody!

Mirena Milotić