FAQ - Gelati d'Oro
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FAQ (ɛfeɪˈkju)

(short for Frequently Asked Questions)

What does “Gelati d’Oro” mean?

Gelati d’Oro got its name from Isola d’Oro (insula Aurea), “An island of gold”, the name used by the ancient Romans for the island of Krk on which we make our products.

Where can I buy “Gelati d’Oro” ice creams?

We’re so glad you asked! Check out the list of our representatives, check their websites or contact them.

Are Gelati d'Oro Premium products all dairy-free?

Yes, all Gelati d’Oro Premium products are dairy-free! Enjoy!

I can’t find a flavor, what do I do?

Don’t panic! Ask your retailer to order the flavor you’re looking for or look for it at some of the other locations.

Is Gelati d'Oro just for dessert?

Not at all! Low in calories, fat, and sugar, and packed with protein and fiber, Gelati d’Oro is truly good for you. It can be enjoyed at breakfast, lunch, and dinner… or anytime in between!

What is the nutritional profile of Gelati d'Oro?

Please see our pages for specific nutrition information by flavor.

Is Gelati d'Oro good for diabetics?

Gelati d’Oro is an excellent choice for individuals with diabetes and those with high blood pressure. We use xylitol and erythritol, which are all-natural, zero calorie sweeteners.

Does Gelati d'Oro contain gluten?

All Gelati d’Oro are gluten free.

I am a retailer. Can I sell Gelati d'Oro?

Absolutely! Please email us at: info@gelatidoro.cool.

Are Gelati d'Oro Vegan?

Yes! Gelati d’Oro are Certified Vegan by Vegan Action.

Do Gelati d'Oro contain soy?

Gelati d’Oro are soy free.

Are there eggs in Gelati d'Oro?

No. Gelati d’Oro are vegan certified.

Aren't ice cream gluten-free by definition?

Each ice cream should be gluten-free, but there is a possibility of cross-contamination of products in the production. Certifications and additional tests eliminate such suspicions and guarantee there is no trace of gluten, which makes quite a difference for people with celiac disease.

How are Gelati d'Oro products so sweet and do not contain sugar?

We use xylitol and erythritol. Read more about the ingredients on the ice cream page.

Why do you call Gelati d'Oro Ice guilt-free?

Gelati d’Oro ice cream are “guilt free” because they can be enjoyed absolutely by everyone! Our ice cream line is unique in the market, 100% natural, dairy- and gluten-free. No sugar, artificial colors and aromas, emulsifiers or stabilizers.

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