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Meet Gelati d’Oro Premium

Gelati d'Oro Premium is 100% natural, non-diary ice cream unique on the market.

It is vegan certified,

therefore suitable for people with lactose intolerance and vegans.

It is sugar free,

therefore suitable for people with high blood sugar levels and diabetes.

It is also gluten free,

certified and controlled for every batch produced.

It is a premium low calorie,

low fat treat, with high quality ingredients of natural origin.

It has no artificial:

colours, stabilizers, aromas, emulsifiers or any other artificial ingredient.

Approved by health food lovers

Fiber content of each ice cream is between 9 to 13%, which helps digestion and has benefits for overall health and fitness. These qualities can be found in few other products available on the market, but Gelati d'Oro Premium is the first product line that combines them all together. It has already been approved by health food lovers, people with dietary restrictions and great food hedonists.

Unique Recipe

With its unique recipe, surprisingly creamy texture, astonishing taste and more additional flavours being produced and tested, it will surely make its way to every household!